Appeal of HPC’s Decision

February 24, 2021

Appeal of HPC’s Decision

Thank you for your participation and interest in the 1020 project.  We are disappointed in the outcome of the HPC hearing and have filed an appeal of the HPC decision which will be heard by City Council.   The Project’s appeal application has been accepted by the City and is available to view through the tab…

February 17, 2021

Meeting Information for Tonight’s Hearing

Hi Everyone, The agenda and packet for the HPC meeting tonight. and information on how to join the meeting. can be found in the link below: If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d be happy to assist you. Sincerely, The 1020 East Cooper Project Team

February 11, 2021

Updated FAQ, Application, and Drawings

Hi Everyone, We have been continually working on the proposal and have refined the proposed calculations and measurements.  An updated application and exhibits are on the website in advance of the HPC hearing on February 17, 2021.  We expect the City’s website to be updated before the weekend with meeting information. Sincerely, The 1020 East…

February 9, 2021

HPC Hearing Rescheduled

Hi Everyone, We have been notified by City staff that the hearing for the 1020 East Cooper Project has been rescheduled to the 17th of February at 4:30 PM. The City Clerks are updating the website to reflect these scheduling changes and we expect meeting information to be available on the HPC webpage shortly. Please…

February 5, 2021

Renderings Now Available

Hi Everyone, As discussed in the neighborhood meeting yesterday, the renderings are now available to view. Please reach out with any questions you may have. We will post the HPC meeting information early next week which will include a link to the agenda and meeting. Sincerely, The 1020 East Cooper Project Team

February 2, 2021

Updated Application and FAQ Now Available to View

To our Neighbors, The updated application and FAQ documents are now available to view. Our team will be walking through the proposed changes to the project at this week’s neighborhood meeting. Please join us this Thursday February 4th 2021 @ 1pm. If you have any questions, issues accessing the documents, or trouble registering for the…

January 28, 2021

Join Us to Review the Updated Application

To our Neighbors, Thank you for your continued interest in this project. Our team has been working to update the application in anticipation of the next hearing on Wednesday, February 10th at 4:30pm. We invite you to join us to review these changes next week. Thursday February 4th 2021 @ 1pm Sincerely,The 1020 East Cooper…

January 12, 2021

Updated FAQ and Response to Staff Memo

To our neighbors and community members, In response to the staff memo dated January 13, 2021, we have submitted a revised cover letter altering the west elevation of the landmark to remove the two proposed storage units. An illustration and site plan reflecting these changes are also included in the team’s response to staff. We have…

January 11, 2021

How to Join Wednesday’s Meeting

Hi Everyone, The City has posted the agenda and agenda packet for the HPC meeting this Wednesday. The image above has the information for the WebEx meeting but you can also use the link below to access the meeting information and download documents to review. If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to…

January 6, 2021

Application Update

To our Neighbors, Thank you for your continued interest in this project. An updated application is now available for you to view. Please reach out to our team with any questions you might have or if you need any assistance accessing the updated application. Sincerely, The 1020 East Cooper Project Team

December 23, 2020

Happy Holidays!

As a reminder to our community members, the 1020 Project is scheduled for review in front of HPC on January 13th, 2021, and public notice will be sent to all of our adjacent neighbors next week. Our team has received initial review comments from the City of Aspen and we expect to have some updated…

November 26, 2020

FAQ and Project Information Review

To our Neighbors, Thank you for your continued interest in this project. The application has been submitted and deemed complete by staff. The land use review will begin shortly and the project will be scheduled in front of the Historic Preservation Commission in the new year. We invite you to join us to review the…

November 6, 2020

Application Submittal and FAQ

Hi Everyone, First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who was able to make it to one of our meet and greets – it was nice to start putting faces with names.  We wanted to let you know that the application has been submitted to the City of Aspen and is currently being…

September 30, 2020

Project Introduction

The 1020 East Cooper project is a 100% affordable housing project that balances multiple community goals including historic preservation, affordable housing, environmental sustainability, and local community character.  1020 East Cooper will restore a historic 19th century miner’s cabin and add a new detached building along the alley to house a mix of two and three…