The development of deed restricted affordable housing projects in Aspen dates back to the 1970s in response to the decline of affordable free market housing options for local employees. 

The result of this initiative was a formal agreement between the City of Aspen and Pitkin County, which created what we now know as the Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority, or APCHA. According to APCHA, it is the oldest and largest mountain resort employee housing program in North America – and through its tenure the City of Aspen and its local workforce have been the beneficiaries of high-quality, thoughtful, and innovative affordable housing developments. 

The 1020 E Cooper project follows in the footsteps of other affordable housing projects to bring critical housing infrastructure to our growing town. The success of the affordable housing program in Aspen strengthens our community fabric and provides wonderful opportunities for our locals to thrive in the community they call home.

Affordable Housing Inventory Aspen

The 1020 E Cooper project joins several other affordable housing developments in downtown Aspen, (as indicated in the map above) and will promote APCHA’s mission and vision. However, this project is unique. It is one of a few developments to propose incorporating a historically designated building into a redevelopment, preserving the look and feel of the miner’s cabin, and allowing the next generation of Aspenites to make their own history in Aspen’s East End neighborhoods.