HPC grants Conceptual Design approval and other reviews with 3-0 vote

On November 10, 2021 HPC voted 3-0 in favor of the redesigned four unit affordable housing project at 1020 East Cooper.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the hearings and meetings leading up to the approval. The loss of one housing unit is unfortunate, but the compromise reached with HPC and the neighbors results in an outstanding historic preservation project with quality, centrally located intown housing for locals.

The next step is for the Conceptual Design approval and associated reviews to be presented to City Council through the “Notice of Call Up” process.  On November 23, 2021 Council will decide whether to call up the project for discussion, to uphold HPC’s decision, or to remand the project back to HPC for further review.  After call up is complete, the project is required to be resubmitted for Final Design review by HPC to present the final details of the project, including landscape, lighting, materials, preservation plan, and architectural details.